Development and peace are other names of PML-N govt: Ayaz Sadiq

LAHORE: PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq said that development and peace are other names of PML-N government.

“If you want eradication of terrorism, development investment from China, employment opportunities, smooth economy and country’s uplift, then get rid of those who have been rejected by people for their politics of protests,” former NA speaker told the people gathered at Dongi Ground in Samanabad area of Lahore.

“Lahore lions will take over NA122. When Lahore lions awakes everyone runs off. We stood against the dictatorship of Pervez Musharaff. I request and plead Imran Khan to stop lying before the public. Imran Khan, stop acting like kids and be an adult. Nawaz Sharif brought latest technologies in Pakistan. PTI representatives dishonoured there voters when they resign from Parliament. We respected their resignations and annulled them. PTI is an outcome of rigging itself. Hadn’t there been an advance on Democracy by Dictatorship there will be a different Pakistan,” Khawaja Saad Rafique and Hamza Sharif added.


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