Democracy doesn’t suit Pakistan, says Musharraf

In an interview, Pervez Musharraf said democracy is not suited to the environment in Pakistan and the Army has been helping in the country’s rulership since independence, mainly because the so-called democratically elected governments have failed to rule effectively.

He said one of the fundamental weaknesses of Pakistan is its weak and ineffective democracy, which does not have any checks and balances in place. Even the Constitution has failed to help with these checks and balances, and hence the Army has no choice but to intervene in the country’s politics.

Musharraf added that he is proud of the support the Army has given him.

“I have spent 40 years with the Army. I have fought two wars and engaged in several military actions, so the Army is my choice naturally,” he said.

Discussing Pakistan’s political landscape, Musharraf said there is a need to prepare a political structure in accordance with the country’s requirements and to establish checks and balances for good governance, so that the Army does not have to enter into politics.

The former president claimed that the United States used Pakistan for its own ends and then betrayed the country.Answering a question, Musharraf said he intends to return to Pakistan and face the cases against him. He added that if the government was working effectively he would not have felt the need to come back.


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