Dead British PM Edward Heath facing child sex abuse allegations

London (Neo Web Desk) Former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath is being investigated by three police forces as part of their inquiries into allegations of historical child abuse.it has been learned that the Met Police is investigating the late MP, who died in 2005, as part of an inquiry into claims of abuse by establishment figures.Jersey detectives have said he also forms part of their investigation into historical allegations of abuse.Wiltshire Police said its own appeal has received “a number of calls”.Sir Edward, who was prime minister from 1970 to 1974, died at his home in Salisbury, aged 89.The developments come after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said on Monday that it would look at whether Wiltshire officers failed to pursue allegations of child abuse made against the former prime minister.A retired detective has alleged that claims were made in the 1990s but were not followed up.The IPCC will also look at whether a criminal prosecution was dropped when a person “threatened to expose that Sir Edward Heath may have been involved in offences concerning children”.Wiltshire Police and the NSPCC said they had received “a number of calls” from members of the public after asking for information.They said any lines of enquiry would be passed to the relevant police force and followed up.Labour MP Tom Watson said he had referred two allegations of child sexual abuse by Sir Edward to the police since 2012.He said: “I passed them both to the police, who have confirmed to me that at least one of those allegations is being investigated and taken seriously.”He said the different approach to allegations by different forces showed the need for a national police inquiry.Sir Edward lost the Conservative Party leadership to Margaret Thatcher


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