Ishaq DAR

Dar announces 10% raise in salary of govt employees after merger of ad-hoc relief

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister, Muhammad Ishaq Dar Friday announced merger of another ad-hoc relief (2015-16) in the basic salary of government employees and then ten per cent raise on it.

Earlier, the finance minister in his budget speech had announced merger of two ad-hoc relief of 2013-14 and 2014-15 to the basic salary and ten percent raise on it.

Considering the budget proposals forwarded by the Upper House of the parliament to be incorporated in the finance bill, the finance minister said that now three ad-hoc reliefs including that of 2015-16 would be included in the basic salary and then ten percent raise would be given on the cumulative basic pay. He said that it would have about 13 percent impact on the salaries of the government employees.

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