Dallas shooting suspect Micah Johnson ‘acted alone’

Micah Johnson, the man accused of killing five police officers in a gun attack during a protest rally in Dallas, acted alone, officials believe.”We believe now the city is safe,” Mayor Mike Rawlings said.Bomb-making material, rifles and a combat journal were found at the home of Johnson, who was himself killed.The Dallas protest was against the killing of black men by police, and similar rallies drew thousands across many US cities on Friday.

The demonstrations followed the police killings of philando in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.

Dallas police chief David Brown and US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson also said the gunman appeared to have acted alone, although Texas Governor Greg Abbott said police would “continue down every rabbit trail… ensuring that we eliminate any other possible suspects or co-conspirators”.

Officials on Friday had spoken of a co-ordinated attack by at least one other sniper.Three other suspects were arrested after the shootings but no details have been released about them.A number of gun attacks involving police officers and civilians have occurred in other parts of the US in the aftermath of the deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana.


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