Daisy Shah, Iulia Vantur’s major clash for Salman

Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur is reportedly not happy with Salman Khan’s closeness to actress Daisy Shah and Zareen Khan. Iulia also confronted Daisy on the same.

The duo’s prolonged arguments have set rumour mills abuzz that the prime subject of these arguments is Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan. Apparently, Iulia is not comfortable with her beau’s closeness to the two ladies and has objected to it. Salman, however, is in no mood to oblige as reported by

The report further stated that followed by the actor’s stubborn refusal to pay any heed to her complains, Iulia then confronted Daisy directly and as it turned out, things got ugly and the two girls had a major showdown.

It is yet to be known how much truth exists in such rumour.

Ever since Salman Khan was acquitted in the hit-and-run case, rumours of him finally planning to settle down have been gaining momentum. The actor has recently celebrated his 50th birthday and spending lots of time with Iulia Vantur these days.

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