Anusha Rahman

Cyber crime bill to help prevent online harassment: Anusha Rahman

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rahman Thursday said that newly passed cyber crime bill by National Assembly would help prevent the online harassment, cyber stalking and blackmailing.

Talking to PTV, the minister said that the person who would threat, scare and post objectionable material online against any other citizen, would be criminalized.

To a question, she said some particular aspects in online networking were needed to pay attention to after National Action Plan (NAP).

She said that online harassment, cyber stalking and blackmailing would be considered as offensive material and the person committing these will be penalized severely under this law.

She said that discussion on the important bill has been continued for the last many years and credit goes to all the political parties for giving their valuable input regardig the issue.

The National Assembly passed on Wednesday The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2015 which declares cyber terrorism, electronic fraud and forgery, glorification of an offence, hate speeches, child pornography and hacking as punishable offenses.

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