CTD Civil Lines Karachi to investigate Shikarpur blast

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Civil Lines will investigate the Shikarpur blast in which three policemen were injured.Meanwhile, details have surfaced of one of the two suicide bombers who stormed an Imambargah in Khanpur area of Sikarpur on Tuesday where people had gathered for Eid prayers.

According to sources the case has been handed over to CTD in-charge Raja Umar Khitab.The attacker named Usman, who was arrested in injured condition as police and the public foiled the bomb plot, is reportedly a resident of Kabal, Swat. He had also lived in Ittehad Town in Karachi for eight years with his family.

Usman had trained in Afghanistan and then relocated to Quetta for sometime, sources said.Khanpur SHO was suspended over flawed security following the incident.Police and Rangers conducted operations in different areas of Khanpur and have arrested 25 suspects so far.

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel visited the blast site on Wednesday. It has been decided that the attacker Usman would be handed over to CTD.At least three policemen were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Khanpur Imambargah on Tuesday.

Police and residents, however, were able to prevent another attack as they stopped the other suicide attacker.IG Sindh AD Khwaja, who visited the blast site, acknowledged the deed saying, “Due to the timely action of the brave policemen we have been saved from a bigger tragedy.”Banned organisation Jamaat-ul-Ahrar accepted responsibility for the attack.


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