Crimes dropped in Karachi after Rangers deployment

ISLAMABAD: Karachi topped the crime list during the first tenure of Qaim Ali Shah as Sindh Chief Minister, as more than half of crimes in the province originated in the business hub of the country, official data reveals.

Data obtained from the Sindh Bureau of Statistics shows that during the first tenure of Qaim-led PPP government between 2008 and 2013, Karachi faced the worst law and order situation, as 54.88 percent of the total crimes reported in the province originated in Karachi.

However, contrary to the figures reported in the first tenure, there has been a significant decrease in the ratio of crimes in the business capital after the deployment of Rangers during the second tenure of the PPP.

Security experts believe the ratio could further be reduced by continuing the deployment of Rangers.Data suggests that almost half of the total people murdered in the Sindh province also belonged to the metropolitan city.

The city also presents the worst picture of law and order when it comes to vehicle theft, as almost 80 percent of vehicles were stolen from Karachi. As many as 4,12,157 crimes including murder, attempt to murder, robbery, vehicle theft, highway robbery, rape etc, were reported in Sindh during 2008-2013. Out of the total 412,157, almost 54.88 percent i.e. 226,181 cases were reported in Karachi.

The official data also contains the crime data of Hyderabad, Sukkur and the rest of areas in the province. The second region with the highest ratio of crimes in Sindh was Hyderabad where 85,851 i.e. 20.83 per cent of the total crimes were reported.

Sukkur is the third region which faced 18.31 per cent of total crimes i.e. 75, 451. The remaining 7.98 per cent of the total crimes were reported in the whole province.

The analysis further shows that a total of 16,231 cases of murder were reported in the province out of which 7,633 i.e. 47.03 per cent of the total were reported in Karachi. Similarly, 2,701 murder cases making 16.64 per cent of the total cases, were reported in Hyderabad region and 4,553 of the total murder cases making 28.05 per cent were reported in the Sukkur region.

The ratio of murder out of total crimes committed in Karachi is 3.37 per cent followed by Hyderabad 3.315 per cent and Sukkur 6.03 per cent.

A total of 54,840 cases of vehicles theft were reported in the province during the first tenure of Qaim-led PPP government out of which almost 84.19 per cent of cases were reported in Karachi and the rest from the rest of the regions.

During the five years, a total of 796 cases of child lifting were reported in the province out of which 477 making 59.92 per cent were only reported in Karachi. The business capital of the country also topped in the list of fatal accidents with 70.37 per cent of the total fatal accidents reported in the province.

According to the data, a total of 29,549 cases were reported under the prohibition ordinance out of which 15,288 cases making 51.74 per cent of the total were reported in Karachi. Similarly, 31,229 out of 60,014 cases were registered under the arms ordinance which is 52.04 per cent of the total.

Security and political analysts believe that after the Rangers deployment the overall law and order situation in Karachi not only improved, but also the number of crimes including target killings and other heinous crimes, reduced significantly.

According to experts being metropolitan city, it has always been a very hard task for the law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order in the city. However the Rangers and police have shown significant performance and therefore the Sindh government should ensure peace in the city which could only be achieved by deploying Rangers and the provincial government must not hesitate over extending the Rangers stay in the port city.

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