Corrupt person can not hold others accountable: Imran Khan

PTI chief Imran Khan said that a corrupt person can never hold another corrupt person accountable. Unless the people in power stop doing corruption, Pakistan will not change.

Addressing a gigantic public gathering in Faisalabad, Khan said, “When Mian sb’s name was mentioned in Panama Leaks we asked him only 4 questions. If the money was legal, show us the sales deed of flats, and how the money was transferred and how much taxes were paid.” “I bought a flat in UK and answered all the questions & asked the same questions from Mian sb,” he explained.

He said, “For the last 1-1/2 months, Mian sb is telling us his victim stories however hasn’t answered a single question. Ever since the Panama Leaks appeared, Mian sb is making up many stories found to be untrue by the facts.”

“Mian sb said they bought flats in 2005 but the documents show, they were bought even 10 years before in 2005. Ch Nisar was rightly saying that, the Mayfair apartments are owned by Sharif for twenty years,” he uttered.

He said, “Allah never awards freedom without a struggle, we’ll all have to work hard for the dreams to come true.” “I want to tell people that its your tax money which is being stolen, because you pay 17% tax on products. You’re paying 98% tax on diesel, 50% on petrol, even 43% tax on a 100 rupee mobile card. Its all your money being looted by corrupt rulers.”

“Pakistan is being run on debts, we’re taking loans worth Rs 6 billion per day, and took Rs 5000 billion loans only in last 3 years. You’ll be paying back these loans via inflation and more taxation,” he added.

“Exports will start declining, people will get poorer, and a small segment of the society will get richer,” he said.

“I ask Mian sb to reply to the questions and then definitely ask questions from all others,” he added.

“One house owned by Mian sb’s son was sold for 650 crore rupees,” Khan revealed.


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