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Copyrights feud avoided: Khaled Anam upset with ‘Peera Ho’ in film “Moor”

It’s been one copyright issue after another these days. Following the Bhar do jholi issue, actor-singer Khaled Anam has taken to social media to voice his objection to the cover of his song ‘Peera Ho’ in upcoming filmMoor without his consent.However, before things could get ugly, Moor director Jami responded to Khaled directly and clarified that the cover is not part of the film, but only included in the film’s music album.’Peera Ho’,  one of the Khaled Anam’s classics, was featured in the popular show Mystery Theatre and is remembered for its eerie vibes. Anam frequents musical activities organised for children and is famous for his story-telling and theatrical skills. He was also part of the children’s show Khul Ja Sim Sim, which was the local version of Sesame Street.

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