Convicted assassin names Punjab Law Minister as patronage

FAISALABAD: A convicted assassin deposed before the anti-terrorism court judge that he had gunned down a close associate of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on his (minister’s) direction.Naveed alias Commando was handed down death sentence on four counts for killing Asghar Ali alias Bhola Gujjar, an associate of Rana Sanaullah, and his driver Mohammad Siddique on Jan 8 last.Recording his statement, Naveed claimed that Sanaullah told him that Gujjar had become a strong and influential man and could give him (minister) tough time by joining the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf. He said the minister had made a plan of killing Gujjar at his outhouse, where SHO Farrukh Waheed was also present.

“The minister also promised me that he would stand by me come what may,” he said while disclosing that on the direction of Rana Sanaullah he chased Gujjar and spotted his vehicle near Seeta Ram temple. He, along with his accomplice Nafees, opened fire on Gujjar and his driver and both died on the spot, said the convict.

He said Sanaullah had given him an iPhone set and through Viber “I informed the minister about killing of Gujjar and he applauded me.”DSP Khalid Malik, inspectors Aamir Mushtaq, Malik Jehangir and Mian Rafiq had tortured him with a direction to not utter a word against the minister, said Naveed who had recorded his confessional statement on July 15 last.Both Rana Sanaullah and Farrukh Waheed had attended the funeral prayer of Gujjar, he added.

Speaking at a news programme, Rana Sanaullah denied the allegations and said the court had ordered a probe, thus, the factual position would soon come before everyone. He said Bhola Gujjar was like a brother to him.He said Naveed Commando’s statement would only gain credibility if endorsed by the witnesses of the case. He said the witnesses and details of the trial proceedings were available which explain why this murder took place.

Statements of Bhola Gujjar’s brother and relatives should also be obtained to cross verify the murderer’s claims, he added.Rana Sanaullah denied having any links with Naveed Commando, saying he had not even talked to him on the phone let alone having a meeting. He said the two persons had already been awarded death sentence while two others got life imprisonment in the case on the basis of evidence.


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