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Constructing nuisance rather than Nation!

Blogger: Usama Virk

Contrasting all other established and cultured nation-states, where everything go through a suitable strait and after complete forecasting and research not only for small improvements but same goes for high level manufacture assignments. It give the impression like we in Pakistan now a days are constantly converging on constructing new boulevards and beautiful structures in every big city, all are very immense ventures and no ones in disbelief about that and are in the indulgence of the nation and no one denies that.

The argument is if we are copying other countries and mounting ourselves by walking on their footsteps then nothing is mistaken about that but pre and post construction dealings should also be preserved in mind always.

There is no appropriate forecasting that each and every time construction is going to be in progress anywhere in this country what will be the impermanent conveniences to be on condition that whilst the construction goes on to at least lessen the delinquent of people, who uses that way for their routine processes. Whether it’s a building or a road nearly half of kilometer occupants always gets troubled by the construction and their uncivilized routine of giant vehicles to carry constructive needs, dissimilar to those nations whom we monitor without researching about their way of processing all that project from day one to the day it gets opened, from providing it’s people temporary facilities to opening that one for them. They literally don’t torture their public just for the sake of one project for month regardless of that project being in their favor.

Latest sample is from the city of flowers;

Lahore where a enormous project is under way and everyone is saying that it would be a excessive facility to the public after its completion but nobody have asked the stimulated population of each area where construction is going on that from which anguish are they going through. They don’t have momentary services to dodge that dusty and dirty ways of construction. It’s not only poisoning the environment but also making people hostile. Whole traffic system is going through a worst scenario; traffic jam is just like a daily routine for the residents. And even more worse is traffic is being converted to the housing societies where whole day traffic of main boulevards are jammed in front of houses and their residents are going through a great distress and discomfort.

It would be a success of this nation when they will learn how developed nations did huge projects like “Burj Khalifah” without even disturbing the very next building for all those construction years.

Yes! They have money and technology but it’s not everything. Hope we will be counted among those nations soon. Insha’Allah!

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