Conspiracy against CPEC is not beneficial for the country: Shabaz Sharif

Lahore: Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif addressing to the public after retaining presidential position of Pakistan Muslim League-N Punjab.

CM Shabaz Sharif has been elected as provincial party president during Intraparty election of PML-N being held in Lahore. The nomination papers of Miyan Shokat Ali against Shabaz Sharif were rejected.

Shabaz Sharif expressed his happiness by saying that he is very thankful to the party workers from Karachi to Peshawar. Workers have shown their faith in Nawaz Sharif earlier selecting him as a party president in the central party elections.

He said that government will overcome energy crisis till the end of our tenure and working day and night on the energy projects. PML-N is working  hard for completion of development projects.

“Conspiracy against CPEC is not beneficial for the country”, said CM.

The CM said, “Opposition wants sit ups and closure of everything, they want closure of Islamabad due to corruption in the country. I am thankful to workers for supporting me to be re-elect for the post of provincial president. I prefer to be called public servant.”

Malik Nadeem Kamran sellected uncontested as Senior Vice President while Nighat Meer and Arshad Laghari as Vice President. Miyan Margoob selected as finance minister and Sami Ullah Chaudry as information secretary.


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