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Claims emerge of PTI receiving funding by US:Danial Aziz

ISLAMABAD: The government has gathered unimpeachable pieces of evidence to prove foreign funding for the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) coming from the United States.

This claim has been made by former State Minister and author of the new concept of Local Bodies system of the country Danial Aziz Chaudhry in an exclusive chat with The News/Jang here the other day.

Danial is a member of the National Assembly (MNA) from Shakargarh and has tabulated evidence with regard to the allegations.

Danial said the financiers had close links with Jewish and Hindu stalwarts who were having deep interest in US’s politics.

Some ‘ghost’ financiers have also been identified but their whereabouts could only be known when the US agencies would carry out a probe.

He said once the government was convinced that the PTI had received money from foreign corporations and individuals, the PTI would be dissolved and the reference would be submitted to the Supreme Court forthwith for disbanding the party.

He revealed that the PTI and Imran Khan had received millions of dollars from its ‘friends’ in Israel.

He reminded that any party that contests polls on one allotted election symbol is bound to submit a certificate to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that it hadn’t received any foreign fund from any prohibited source including a corporation and individual.

Once the party is dissolved in such manner, the members of National and provincial assembly belonging to it are supposed to disassociate from the party within 15 days otherwise they would lose the membership of their respective assembly, Danial Aziz contented.

He said that the corporations and individuals registered with the US Foreign Agents Registration Authority (FARA) had provided him with documents clearly indicating the money being sent to Imran Khan’s PTI.

Not only the US, but also funds have come to the PTI from other countries, he added. New York-based Barry Cschneps is Jew’s leader that is an ardent supporter of Israeli’s designs.

Indian origin investor Inder Dospenge is also among the Americans who provided huge funds to Imran Khan. Incidentally, the documents provided regarding the objectives are associated with creating law and order situation in the country for removal of the legitimate government of the day.

The PTI has been registered as a company in the United States for receiving funds, he said.

The whole funding becomes more mysterious and intriguing when the PTI and Imran Khan used their force to block the federal capital last year through a sit-in during the days when the Chinese president had planned to undertake visit to Pakistan.

The PTI subverted the visit according to its original schedule and it inflicted an immeasurable loss on the national economy and the country, he added.

Interestingly, Akbar Babar who is founder member of the PTI has approached the ECP under the similar allegations with the request to disband the party and disqualify Imran Khan for taking part in the polls.

The commission will hear him tomorrow (Thursday). In case his submissions accede, the PTI candidate could be denied contesting the Lahore polls under the symbol ‘Cricket Bat’.

In that eventuality, the government could be forced to postpone the elections. The government is supposed to support the contention of the PTI estranged members Akbar Babar in his efforts.

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