‘Choorian’ screened at Lok Virsa

Lok Virsa took us into the real rural Punjabi village with the screening of film ‘Choorian’ from 1998 on Saturday. Keeping inflation in perspective during the past eighteen years and the battering of rupee, ‘Choorian’ shares the privilege of one of the top money-makers in the history of Pakistani films. It minted gold at the box-office, not just in Punjab, but nationwide. No other Punjabi film can make that claim (not even good old ‘Maula Jatt’).The film is a joyride with best of all the pleasures one expects and enjoys in motion picture from romance and tragedy to vengeance and action. The film has a powerful script which keeps you involved. It begins on a simple note and introduces us to the village scene. Without giving in too much on the plot details, Shafqat Chema is the father and under heavy influence of his second wife Bahar. Daughter Saima from the first marriage must work like a slave. And then the things change for better or worst.Producer Chaudhry Karamat in the dairy business made a modest investment on ‘Choorian’ and came out as a winner. Composer Zulfiqat Ali came out with a number of top hits including ‘Lian lian tery naal dholna’, ‘Udh kothey utoon’, and ‘Karaan mei nazaara’. One only wishes that should have used Mehnaz as playback singer. Naseeruddin may not be listed as one of the top cameraman in film trade but he must be credited for neat and clean crisp images. An authentic-looking special ‘haveli’ was constructed where most of the film has been lensed.Saima leads the cast in playing a difficult role of a miserable girl. Moammar Rana plays the romantic lead. Bahar, Shafqat Cheema and Nargis (the later with a change of heart towards the end), all do well in their respective powerful supporting roles.‘Choorian’ was made eighteen years back and it strengthened the status of everyone at the box-office. The parities that purchased the screening rights of the film for the circuit and small stations were able to build cinemas from the outpouring returns. As the cliché goes “nothing succeeds like success”.Special Guest for sing along dress along screening included director  Syed Noor. He shared his thoughts on film making in general and Choorian in particular

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