Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangda Singh quits film after director orders her to do ‘intimate scenes’

It’s often heard that the B-Town actresses are mostly the one’s to make compromises on screen for a variety of reasons while sometimes they indulge in a spat with directors over intimate scenes, same happens with Chitrangda.

An unusual confrontation between Bollywood’s Chitrangda Singh and Kushan Nandy over an intimate scene, which the latter wasn’t comfortable in doing.

Rumblings suggest the actress has had a traumatic time in Lucknow shooting for his film Babumoshai Bandookbaaz since the past six days. And now, she has kicked the film and landed in Mumbai.

Later her role was offered to Swara Bhaskar, who also declined the offer. She reportedly liked the script but not her part in the flick.

It all started when the director Kushan insisted on Singh for an extremely intimate scene with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

SpotBoy citing its sources reported that “Kushan got a bit too engaged in the scene in question, which required Nawaz to only pull Chitrangada roughly on the bed.

Kushan was not happy with the first take. He thundered: Chitrangada, you ought to get literally close to Nawaz. Do it passionately,”

The Desiboyz actress went into a tizzy and didn’t know where to look. She had to pinch herself if she had heard it right.

It may be noted here that the film had hit a major roadblock due to financial problems, but it resumed after the settlement of the issue.

It was further reported, “Chitrangada told Nandy that how he can speak to her so outrageously while giving directions about an intimate scene in front of the entire unit. Kushan replied: Okay, let’s talk it out aside. But by then, Chitrangada had lost it. She shot back: Now that you have started it in front of so many people, why end it in a place away from them? What do you think of yourself, Kushan?”

A friend of Kushan, however, says, “Blatant lies. These allegations are false. Chitrangda was continuously arguing on the scenes. We don’t make erotic films. Directors get involved in their scenes and exaggerate a bit to get the best out of their actors. Chitrangada was not performing well, the film was suffering and we asked her to leave. She has too much attitude and not only wanted changes in the script but even reported late on the sets.”

Chitrangada completed the shot in 3 takes and left the set in tears. After that, she had a long chat with Nawaz and informed him that she is quitting the film.

Actually, Chitrangada and Kushan had a rough equation right from the beginning of the film. We hear she was not happy with the costumes he was giving her. The actress was told to wear petticoats and low-cut blouses for some scenes, to which she objected saying that ‘aaj Kal to gareeb log Bhi Apne ap ko ek saree se dhak lete Hain’, reported the website.

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