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China to increase number of scholarships for Pakistanis

PESHAWAR: China is considering large number of scholarships for Pakistani students, who want to learn Chinese language, Chinese diplomats said this during a meeting held in Islamabad with the delegation from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

They said that China was also considering the establishment of the Institute of Chinese Language and Culture in the universities of Peshawar and Abbottabad. The delegation was headed by Special Assistant to chief minister on Higher Education and Information Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani.

China Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission and Political Adviser Zhoo Lian briefed the delegation about new initiatives. The delegation was informed that China annually provides 220 scholarships to graduate, post-graduate and doctorate level students from Pakistan on which the Pakhtunkhwa delegation demanded specification of quota for their students while keeping in view the situation in the province.

During the meeting, both the sides expressed resolve that being sister provinces, Pakhtunkhwa and Xinjiang, and sister cities, Abbottabad and Kashgar, would make special arrangements for each other in the form of special scholarships and educational facilities. It was also said that an education and culture desk would be established in Peshawar.

Both the sides agreed that the China Alumni Association would also be established in which graduates from China would get an opportunity to maintain contacts. The Chinese delegation also announced that besides sending of three nurses and three lecturers of Pakhtunkhwa on 20-day training to China, at least six young people will also be included in the 12-day Beijing Summer Camp.

They also said that different local and regional scholarship opportunities would also be created in China.


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