China is helping Pakistan and US is conspiring against Pakistan: Maulana Fazal ur Rehman

Khuzdar: Baluchistan once again comes into lime light when Jammiatul Ulma-e-Islam workers and activist arranged a large rally at Khuzdar which was addressed by JUIF head Maulana Fazal ur Rehman.

While addressing to the rally JUIF head said that,Today baluchs’ warm welcome has affirmed that the future of Baluchistan is attached with JUIF. He said that, JUIF talks of #Peace and tranquility because peace will lead to economic and social development.

He further said that Lack of religious values in Pakistan are causing unemployment and anarchy while Western #world is depicting a wrong picture of Islam.

He dislosed that America is planning to dismember and conspire against Pakistan’s development, while thanks to China Gawadar is now a world Class International port: MaulanaFazal addressing to JUIF rally

He maintained that resources of #baluchistan belongs to baluchs and they should be the first beneficiary of it.

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