China explosions: Chemical specialists sent to Tianjin

China has sent a team of military specialists in handling chemicals to the northern city of Tianjin, after warehouse explosions left at least 50 dead, state media report.The blasts, late on Wednesday night, ripped through an industrial port area, destroying buildings, shipping containers and thousands of new cars.It is not known what caused the blasts, nor whether chemicals have leaked.More than 3,500 residents are spending the night in temporary shelters.Firefighters were already at the scene when the explosions took place.They had been called to reports of a container fire, state media said. At least 12 firefighters are among the dead.The warehouse that exploded is owned by a company called Ruihai Logistics which handles toxic chemicals including sodium cyanide and toluene diisocyanate, according to reports.The two successive explosions, at 23:30 local time on Wednesday (15:30 GMT), caused a fireball visible from space and a blast wind that broke windows several kilometres away.A large area of the port was devastated. Shipping containers were left buckled, bent and toppled on to each other like toy bricks.Rows and rows of new cars were reduced to blackened husks.

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