Centre orders stricter action against Islamic State splinter groups

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has directed the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) operating across the country, especially in Karachi, to take stricter action against the self-styled Islamic State’s splinter groups.

The order came after the Centre decided that it cannot allow religiously-inspired violence to spread throughout the country at a time when the administration is trying to defuse a politically volatile situation in the port city.

Following Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s directives to the Ministry of Interior, the LEAs have been told to expedite their efforts against the IS – also known by its Arabic acronym Da’ish – not only to weaken them but to eliminate them altogether, come what may.

Through a resolution the Sindh Assembly adopted with a majority vote on December 16, the provincial government had attempted to limit the Rangers’ sphere of action to cases of targeted killing, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and sectarian murders. The force was also restrained from placing in preventive custody any person not directly involved in terrorism, for which they were required to seek written approval from the chief minister.

On Tuesday, however, the Centre frustrated Sindh’s attempt to clip the policing powers of the Rangers, who have been engaged in a targeted operation in Karachi since September 2013, and granted a 60-day extension to the paramilitary force under the previous arrangement.


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