Can’t afford concussion, Morgan ready for Pakistan

Abu Dhabi: England one-day skipper Eoin Morgan on Wednesday will be playing his first match since he was struck on the side of head, during the fifth and final Ashes Test at Old Trafford, as he tried to avoid a bouncer from fast bowler Mitchell Starc.The ball struck him at 90 miles/h and Morgan took no further part in the match due to concussion and his County stint was also cut short.The memories of that incident are still fresh in his mind of the skipper and in the pre-match press-briefing he revealed that he put those testing times behind but was lucky to be back in action. “It’s worrying, to be honest, because the feeling of concussion is something I’ve never had before. I suppose being in that position, having never been in it before, worried me a little. It was about 10 days before I was, I suppose, myself. Balance, grogginess, it was a really weird feeling,” said Morgan, who has spent lot of time at the nets to regain his confidence.“I’ve done a lot of short-ball practice since then. I’m quite confident going into this series that I’ve progressed. I suppose you start building up confidence again in the nets, I did that about three weeks ago, did quite a lot of work in indoor schools on quicker surfaces, which hopefully prepare you for that event again, to judge it in a better way,” said Morgan, whose side will be looking to draw inspiration from the aggression they gained from the success against New Zealand.In the ODI series against Australia, England were at the helm of affairs and were tied 2-2 but lost the decider.

A radical change in their batting style saw them scoring 408 runs against New Zealand in the first ODI in Birmingham, while they also chased down 349 in Nottingham in the third.England have also turned to baseball in a bid to smash their rivals. The have worked with hitting coach Julian Wood, who has spent the last four years developing techniques with Major League side Texas Rangers.“Confident and aggression is one thing we’ve gained over the last six months. We’ve created an atmosphere in which learning becomes very easy for our young guys coming in. Probably, no one would have given us a hope in hell against Australia and New Zealand. But they were two very competitive series, and we managed to turn over New Zealand,” revealed the 29-year-old, adding that the productive summer allowed them to have a look at a lot of youngsters.“I think this series will be a huge learning curve and again, will be different. But I think the culture and the platform the summer gave us will hold us in good stead,” asserted Morgan, who rated his opponents as a very challenging side.

“We’ve had some interesting series in the past. They offer a huge amount of skill and you’ve seen it at the World Cup they’re a very capable side, turning over loads of teams. They offer a different challenge, a varied amount of spin, reverse swing and these conditions enhance that challenge.”


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