‘Can I Get a Hug?': Ranveer Singh to Fawad Khan on the IIFA 2016

Ranveer Singh’s arrival in Madrid yesterday for the grand awards night of the IIFA 2016 was a special treat for all his fans. The witty, zany and unpredictable actor who dons many hats from being a star, comedian, anchor to being the boyfriend of Bollywood’s biggest star Deepika Padukone; Ranveer has an absolute fanboy moment on the green carpet yesterday!

When he saw the Kapoor & Sons star Fawad Khan entering with director Karan Johar, Ranveer couldn’t help but behave like the starstruck fans who go crazy upon seeing the Pakistani heartthrob!He said he didn’t understand why girls reacted the way they do on seeing Fawad. He further went on to mimick a girl going gaga over Fawad, and asked him for a hug. We could easily see how Fawad was a wee bit embarrassed by this, but Ranveer rocked as the star struck fan!

The Bajirao Mastani actor further asks, “What happens to all you girls when you see him [Fawad]!”. To which a female reporter promptly replies “Kuch kuch hota hai Ranveer, tum nahi samjhoge!” This left the Bajirao Mastani actor speechless and he jokingly walks away from camera.



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