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Burney takes Sindh govt to court on VIP culture

KARACHI – With the advent of New Year, human rights activist Ansar Burney filed a public interest petition in the Sindh High Court against the lethal and fatal effects suffered by the general public due to VIP culture in Pakistan.

The petitioner – the Ansar Burney Trust International chairman and former federal minister for human rights – said that due to VIP movements the roads were blocked and the common people were compelled to undergo a great deal of mental torture and anguish. He said that this practice was becoming the source of ever growing frustration, mental illness, irritability, intolerance, frustration and annoyance.

He said that he was not against the security provided to officials but the petition was aimed to resolve and remedied the lethal effects of VIP culture which was over-defensive in approach and obstructive in nature as the VIP move around the masses with highly equipped bullet and bomb proof convoy escorted by heavy security of armed constables and commandos, due to which public convenience was routinely sacrificed.

He said that in some worst instances, reportedly, during such road blockades, women were forced to give birth children in the vehicles on roads. He said that such practice of VIP movement creates mockery and humiliation for the entire humanity at large and violates the human rights and human dignity.

Burney said that due to blockade of main roads, people misses their flights and children got stuck in heavy traffic after school which was a useless activity for the future generation of our country.

Last month, 10-month-old Bisma died when her father was unable to enter Karachi’s Civil Hospital due to security measures in place for the arrival of Pakistan People’s Party Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and other party leaders.

Imp-leading the president and the prime minister of Pakistan, along with the Ministry of Interior, Sindh governor, and the Sindh chief minister as respondents, Burney” had prayed the court to direct and enforce such directions that roads and routes should not be blocked due to VIP movements.

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