Burney starts 4-year-old boy’s repatriation

KARACHI – Ansar Burney Trust International Chairman Ansar Burney has said that the repatriation process of a Pakistani boy Iftikhar, 4, who was trafficked to India has started.

According to a press release issued on Tuesday, former federal minister for human rights Burney has specially thanked to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan’s High Commissioner in India Abdul Basit for their kind cooperation and efforts in this regard.

Earlier, Burney has requested the prime minister to ask the departments concerned to help the Ansar Burney Trust in recovery of a four-year-old Iftikhar.

He said that Gulzar Ahmed, the ‘abductor’ and a non-biological father of Iftikhar, on March 12, 2016 kidnapped and trafficked the boy to India on a Pakistani passport, where he was arrested along with Iftikhar by Ganderbal Police in Srinagar.

Burney also said that after arrest of Gulza, Iftikhar also spent few nights in police lockup later instead of handing the boy’s custody to Pakistan High Commission at New Delhi the Indian Police illegally and unlawfully handed him to the abductor without any justification.

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