Brahamdagh Bugti seeks Indian ID, travel papers

NEW DELHI:  Leader of the Baloch Republican Party, Brahamdagh Khan Bugti has said that Pakistan was trying to create international pressure by issuing a Red notice against him, and sought India’s intervention to ensure safety for himself and his companions.In an interview with Indian newspaper “The Hindu” Mr. Bugti desired to seek an official Indian ID and “travel documents.At present he is staying in Switzerland without official authorization from the Swiss government.

He also claims that the Swiss government, that declined his application for an official ID in January 2016 on grounds that his party is on the terror watch list, is creating hurdles to his work, due to pressure from Pakistan.“Short of physically preventing me, the Swiss are doing everything to create circumstances that have turned me into an open-air prisoner.

“I hope that the Indian people, who gave refuge to Dalai Lama and supported Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, would recognize the risk that I am facing,” he said.Mr. Bugti says that Switzerland is wrong in denying him his rights, and argues that he has never been an armed insurgent. He added that he was worried for the safety of his family and followers who have accompanied him from Afghanistan to Switzerland.


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