Boy, 11, bitten by shark in waters off Heron Island in Australia

An 11-year-old boy has been attacked by a shark while swimming in waters at Heron Island off the Central Queensland coast.

The boy received a serious bite to his right calf while “wading in knee-high water”, a Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) spokesman said.

The shark was a black-tip reef shark, the spokesman added.

Brad Lawson, a QAS paramedic in Gladstone, said the boy was pulled from the water by his father.

“The child was removed from the water by his father and presented to the medical centre, where he was treated by a registered nurse,” Mr Lawson said.

The boy was then quickly airlifted to Gladstone Hospital in a stable condition.

Mr Lawson said the boy was coping well after the ordeal.

“The child is in quite good spirits, quite happy, quite jovial, and in minimal pain at this point in time,” he said.

“He is currently being reviewed by a medical team and surgeons.”

The attack is the second to occur in Central Queensland in the past week.

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