Bollywood Stars: We welcome them, we embrace them

Mumbai: While India is marred with a history of humiliating, threatening and disgracing it guests, Pakistan has always embraced even it’s worst enemies with open arms. Indian stars of Silver and small screen had been welcomed and praised whenever they had visited Pakistan, with full respect.

On the other hand its Pakistani celebrities who are on the hard end of the  stick. Although welcomed and praised by Indian celebrities many a times they have been threatened and their concerts have been cancelled in the past.

With rising war frenzy on both sides of the border after baseless Indian claims of Surgical strikes. Except Salman Khan there is no voice heard of Peace from Indian side. Here’s how various Indian celebrities have responded to the baseless Indian surgical strikes.

With Big B starting it all along with his son started this Anti-Peace campaign:



Shah Rukh Khan was the next to follow suit:



The long time visitor and the so-Called son of Zia-Ul-Haq Shartugan Senha didn’t reconsider Pakistani hospitality when he talked against Pakistan:


While Sunny Deol has worked in many movies against Anti-Pakistan topic so it wasn’t surprising to hear a harsh comment from him:



Akshay Kumar was often been known as a man with a head over his shoulder but even for him Peace is a subsidiary:



Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle having a long time respect from its Pakistani fan club didn’t bother to talk for Peace.




Raveena Tendon now an Indian politician have reasons for lashing out against Pakistan:



Anupam kher,a so called intellectual also joined the War bandwagon and wished for further aggression:





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