Black Caps tour of India to be cancelled as scandal strike BCCI – report

The Black Caps have woken to reports that their tour of India is over, but plan to press ahead with their cricketing plans.

New Zealand Cricket boss David White told, he was yet to hear from the BCCI after the Indian media reported the tour was to be cancelled because Indian cricket’s bank accounts were frozen.


However, Justice Rajendra Lodha, the man leading a panel looking to clean up cricket in India, has told to media that the banks have not stopped the flow of money for routine matters, and that the Black Caps series should continue.

“We are just waiting to hear back from the BCCI,” NZC boss White said. “We are seeking clarification from them but we haven’t heard from them as yet.

“We are planning to get on a plane tomorrow to travel to Indore to prepare for the third test.”

White found out about the reports when he was woken in the early hours of the Indian morning.

He said he wasn’t sure of the process with the Supreme Court in India, in regards to the Lodha report, and said it was “a very tense situation”.

Black Caps coach Mike Hesson echoed White’s sentiments, saying the squad were heading for Indore in preparation for the third test.

“Absolutely, heard nothing to the contrary, apart from a few punters at home thinking we’re going home early,” Hesson said. “We’re jumping on a plane for Indore.”

Lodha, speaking on television to media, said the directive of the Supreme Court should not affect the tour of India.

“No question of calling off the India vs New Zealand series. No direction from our side to cancel the ongoing series,” Lodha said.

“Our directions will not affect BCCI’s day-to-day matters. Banks have not been directed to stop the money flow for routine matters.”

It is hoped that the BCCI will comment on the future of the current series in the coming hours.


“We have no option other than to call off the India-New Zealand series as our banks have decided to freeze BCCI accounts,” a top BCCI official told to Indian media.

“We don’t want India to be humiliated in front of the world. How can we function, how can we hold any games now? Who will make the payment? Freezing a bank account is no joke. An international team is here, and there is so much at stake.”

The news broke overnight in India, making confirmation or dismissal of the report difficult.

However, Indian media have previously reported that their cricket board’s days are numbered with the Lodha committee asking the Supreme Court to ‘supersede the present office bearers’ and appoint a new panel of administrators to run the board’s affairs with immediate effect.

The Lodha committee had made a number of binding recommendations on July 18 to reform the way the BCCI ran cricket and was angered that the BCCI was cherrypicking the directives.

The disbursement of funds, contrary to an order to only deal with ‘routine matters’, appears to have been the final straw for the committee.

The committee was formed in January 2015 to determine punishments for those involved in the 2013 IPL corruption scandal, and to propose reforms to prevent conflicts of interest and sporting fraud.


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