“Bin Roye” : A mix of Film and Fashion

There’s one thing that ’ Bin Roye certainly has to offer aside from a tale of crying, love, death and some more crying: fabulous fashion.Taking some of the country’s most popular designer brands on board, Momina Duraid and Shahzad Kashmiri have endeavored to make sartorial statements through the silver screen. One can’t call the movie’s wardrobe cutting-edge – naturally, the clothes have been selected to suit the characters in the movie – but the womenswear is certainly on-trend, very pretty and well-tailored.It is testament to how trends are changing in cinema and television. Back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, one remembers how Teejays brought baggy androgyny and color-blocking into vogue by dressing leading ladies in popular dramas like Ankahi and Tanhaiyaan.Thereafter, cinema declined, the svelte heroine being replaced by a rotund, bling-infested siren. TV, meanwhile, veered towards the lackluster, with wardrobes relegated to the background.In recent times, the power of popularizing trends through on-screen wardrobes was once again realized with Momina Duraid’s hit dramaHumsafar. One remembers an all-black chiffon suit designed by Feeha Jamshed and worn by Mahira Khan that became an overnight sensation.“On-screen wardrobes are important,” says Mahira Khan. “They help create an overall aura and with local productions being viewed all around the globe, they represent our aesthetics to the world.”Bin Roye’s an interesting watch not just for the emotional drama aficionado but also for the discerning savant.

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