Befitting Response of Pervez Musharraf to Indian Media

Dubai: “India will be on the loosing end,if a war breaks out in Indai and Pakistan,” says Musharraf.

Former President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf criticized India’s sinister designs while participating in a political talk show of an Indianchannel.

He said that, if India thinks that it has every right to launch an offensive against Pakistan, it will face an equally aggressive response by Pakistan, but India should be well aware of the implications of such designs

When the Indian Anchor blamed Pakistan for every terrorist activity inside Indian territory he was given a befitting response by former President Musharraf who clarified that whenever there is any terrorist act in India the whole Indian Government from Indian PM to the junior officials start blaming Pakistan and Pak Army.

He questioned the Indian anchor that which issue is more important, role of anonymous non-state actors at work in Kashmir, or confirmed reports that India is directly instigating unrest in Baluchistan.


He said, India blames Pakistan for infiltrating through non-state actors in Occupied Kashmir, but actually Indian State-actors are working in Pakistani province of Baluchistan.


Musharraf said India should not provide political asylum to Brahumdagh otherwise he will be responsible of the consequences.


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