Baramulla attack allegations of India – a part of anti-Pakistan propaganda

Islamabad– India, habitual of wrongly alleging Pakistan of every terror attack on its soil, has revisited its pigheaded attitude with the latest attack on Sunday on Brigade Headquarters in Uri Town of Baramulla district of Kashmir, a territory that it has been unreasonably occupying for decades.

The timing of the occurrence has raised many eyebrows as it came ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s address to the United Nations General Assembly session in which he purportedly will be raising Kashmir dispute ongoing with India and brutality unfolded there by occupying forces.

Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, held Pakistan responsible for the attack in his statement. It should be noted here that no investigations have been done so far and no committee formed to probe the incident.

Similar was the case in the terror attack executed in January this year at an airbase in Punjab near the border, Pathankot base after which Narendra Modi-led administration leveled allegations against Pakistan without any substantial evidence.

Responding to unfounded allegations, Foreign Office declared the allegations a part of the anti-Pakistan propaganda that India has been following ever since independence.

Spokesperson for the office said that Indian allegations over terror attacks have been baseless in the past and this time, Indian attitude is no different.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that the troops who massacre innocent Kashmiris and are commended by Indian government for the atrocities aim to malign and the paint the freedom movement of the victimized residents of the valley grey.

Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz gave a statement in which he maintained that the accusations leveled by Indian minister were an attempt to numb down violations of the human rights done by the aggressive forces in the occupied valley.

India was termed irresponsible in its statements and stance by premier’s aide.

Aziz, besides Rajnath Singh, also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not attaching any significance to probe as required in many such cases before a formal accusation and proceedings.

According to him, it was quite tragic that premier of a state that poses itself on international level as the most secular and democratic country to its core would not wait for investigations to hold Pakistan responsible for an act of extremism that the country has been denouncing for the longest time.

Director General Military Operations of Pakistan also contacted his Indian counterpart through hotline and rejected the unjustified allegations.

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