Bandit Chotu gang surrenders, 24 hostages got released: ISPR

ISLAMABAD: The gangster along-with his 12 accomplices of notorious bandit Chotu gang surrendered before Pakistan Army in an island in the southern part of Punjab on Wednesday, Director General ISPR Major General Asim Bajwa said.

In addition to the surrender of bandits, he said in a televised message, the 24 armed policemen, earlier hostaged by the gang have also been managed to release safely from the clutches of the surrendering gang.

DG ISPR stated that the armed forces have also safely recovered 72 kins of the bandit gang including 24 women, 44 children and four elderly men.

“They all are in the custody of the Army and are being taken care of accordingly,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said that the concerned authorities have started formal interrogation of Chotu while the released policemen along with the kins of gangsters are being transported from the island.

He said the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif has felicitated and appreciated the role of operation commander of Pakistan army, who along with the contingent of Rangers carried out successful operation against the bandit gang.

He said that the COAS had instructed the operation commander that there should have been no loss of life during the operation and the operational force made every effort to comply with the instructions.

He said that the operation in the island which had been a “No Go Area” will continue till purging out all the criminals and anti- state elements.

“Operation will continue till the elimination of each one of the bandit on the island,” he said.

Similarly, he said in a firm tone that all the No Go Areas across the country will be cleared and no terrorist or criminal will let go.

The Chotu gang had been operating in the south part of Punjab especially in the area of Rojhan and had been reigning in the “Kacha” area along the river Indus for the last many years.

Earlier this moth the Punjab Police had launched an offensive against the gang but failed to capture them rather their two dozen officials were hostage besides killing about ten others since then. Later, Rangers had joined them to assist but all such attempts went in vein.

Later, Pakistan Army was tasked to clear the area from the gang of notorious criminals and anti-state elements, which made this success during a short time.

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