Ban on Indian films opposed by Humayun Saeed

KARACHI: Renowned Pakistani actor and producer Humayun Saeed has opposed imposition of ban on Indian films, stating that Pakistan should show patience and must not follow India’s footprints. Saeed regretted India’s move to bar Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood.

Whatever they did was wrong, therefore, we should not do the same, he added.

He further mentioned that people used to watch Indian films illegally since their childhood but what is wrong now if these movies are being screened in Pakistani cinemas. Humayun Saeed stressed that cinemas here need Indian movies as they cannot survive by just showing Pakistani films.

A cinema requires one movie every week whereas Pakistan’s film Industry produces only four movies a year, he said.Last week, Pakistani cinemas stopped screening Indian films after an escalation of violence in disputed Kashmir between the nuclear-armed neighbors.

“We have stopped screening Indian movies at our cinemas from Friday till the situation improves and normalcy returns,” said Nadeem Mandviwalla, whose Mandviwalla Entertainment runs eight cinemas in Karachi and the capital, Islamabad.

India said last Thursday it had carried out “surgical strikes” in Azad Kashmir, a claim that Pakistan condemned and denied.

The Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA), a small filmmakers’ body, last week banned their members from hiring Pakistani actors. Mandviwalla and other cinema owners said the ban in Pakistan was also in response to IMPPA’s move.


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