Bahawalpur: 13 Inspiring Views Of The City Of Palaces

Bahawalpur is a thriving metropolitan city situated on the edges of the Cholistan desert. Rich with culture and tradition, this city is home to some of the most historical places in Pakistan.

Once a princely state that ascended to the state of Pakistan, it is now known for its palaces and enchanting history. From the Derawar fort to the stunning Sadiq Garh, there is so much history in one place that it sometimes becomes overwhelming.

If you want see genuine beauty and  hear enchanting stories, then Bahawalpur is the city that you should visit. See Uch Sharif and find out the resting place of the great people that once walked these lands.

Here’s a little taste of what awaits you in this gorgeous city of the south:

1. The ageless beauty of Sadiq Garh Palace – stepping back in time

sadiq garh

2. Khatam-e-Nabuwat Chowk Bahawalpur – beautiful at night

Khatam-e-Nabuwat Chowk Bahawalpur

3. A view of the majestic Derawar Fort from the Abbasi Masjid – the bewitching sunset is utterly breathtaking

view of dewar fort from abbasi masjid
Bahawalpur Digest

4. The entrance to the illustrious Derawar Fort – where history still thrives

entrance of dewar fort
Wonders List

5. The exquisite beauty of Uch Sharif – where secrets of the past remain a mystery still

uch sharif
Pakistan 360 degrees

6. A door to other worlds – the enchanting Central Library in Bahawalpur


7. The spectacular Abbasi Masjid

abbasi masjid
Flickr Hive Mind

8. The stunning Gulzar Mahal – You would love a place like this


9. Shouldn’t all water wells look as stunning as this one? – Saraiki Chowk in Bahawalpur

water well
Sky Scraper City

10. The captivating Lal Sohanra National Park

sohanra national park
Sky Scraper City

11. The lofty beauty of Noor Mahal


12. The majestic Darbar Mehal

Darbar Mehal,
Socio Economic Pakistan

13. Another stunning view of the Darbar Mehal at night


Wouldn’t you like to revisit history? Take a trip to Bahawalpur.

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