Ayyan Ali files appeal in LHC for her acquittal in money smuggling case

LAHORE – Supermodel Ayyan Ali today filed an appeal in the Lahore High Court seeking her acquittal in currency smuggling case.

Ayyan Ali filed her appeal through her counsel Advocate Khurram Latif Khosa against the order of Rawalpindi Customs Court in which she was denied acquittal on Nov 6.  The trial court had already framed charges against her.

In her appeal, the model stated that Customs Intelligence Department had arrested Ayyan Ali in a fabricated case of money laundering and kept her in ‘illegal’ detention for four months but failed to establish the charges.

She submitted that the authorities accused her of violating a State Bank’s circular about currency smuggling. However, it was not necessary that every citizen had knowledge about it, she further submitted.

The model appealed the court to set aside the impugned order of customs court and acquit her being innocent.

Ayyan Ali was taken into custody after being found in possession of $500,000 by custom authorities at the Benazir International Airport. According to custom officials, currency notes were seized during the checking of Ayyan Ali’s luggage when she was about to leave for Dubai.

A Customs Appellate Bench comprising Justice Abdul Sami Khan is likely to hear her appeal during the next week.

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