Ayyaz Sadiq

Ayaz Sadiq takes oath as MNA

ISLAMABAD – Former National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq has said that results of local bodies and by-election in various constituencies have validated the general elections 2013, setting aside rigging allegations.

In his first address after being re-elected as MNA, he said that the elections of October 11 and LB polls of October 31 have stamped the validity of the general elections 2013. After taking oath as MNA along with Dr Shazia Soomro, Riazul Haq and Babar Nawaz Khan, he said rigging allegations were also set aside by the decisions of the Election Tribunal and Election Inquiry Report by the commission.

He said that now recent LB election results have also proved that election 2013 were not rigged in any manner. He said that the decision of the Election Tribunal, which had ordered re-poll in NA-122, even did not mention the rigging in that constituency. He thanked Almighty Allah for vindicating him through by-election of October 11 as he was re-elected as MNA from NA-122.

“I had put up my case before the public court, which decided in my favour,” he said. He lamented that those who had been raising voice against the parliament were now sitting in the House, and said they should decide where did they stands now. He said people wanted the elected members to play their role in the parliament as they had not voted them just to resign afterwards.

Ayaz said that he prefers to think about progress of Pakistan instead of just beating drums, and urged all parliamentarians to give preference to national interests over their own interests. He said somebody should be held responsible for losses of billions of rupees inflicted during the PTI’s 126-day sit-in to the national exchequer.

“We must think of Pakistan and should refrain from leveling allegations,” he said. He expressed gratitude to those who supported him in the by-polls. Earlier, parliamentarians gave a warm welcome to Ayaz Sadiq on his arrival in the House by desk-thumping.


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