Awesome footage of rare white whale off the coast of Australia

Australia (Neo Web Desk)Police have revealed the woman who drowned at La Perouse yesterday was posing for a photo before a large wave washed her off rocks and into the sea.

The international student was visiting the area with her friends when a wave washed her into the water.

Bystanders were reportedly quick to jump into the water, but could not locate her. A team of divers discovered her body under water 30 minutes later.
The location is a popular photo stop for tourists. Photo: Supplied.
A NSW Police spokeswoman told Fairfax Media: “police have been told she was posing for a photo at the time, and she was swept off the rocks by a large wave.”

Witnesses took to Facebook to describe the moment the tragedy unfolded.

One wrote they “were trying to get the ‘best’ pic. They looked shattered”.

Many people posted photos on the rocks at La Perouse yesterday. One can be seen balancing over edge of the cliff.
An instagram user posted this photo the same day a woman was washed off the rocks by a large wave. Photo: Supplied.
Lifesaver Helicopter Rescue Service chief executive Stephen Leahy told ABC that people need to be more aware of their surroundings near the ocean.

“It’s always important to remember that when you’re close to the water’s edge on rocks or near the edges of cliffs and things like that – they are dangerous locations,” he said.

“One slip and you can end up in the water, so please be aware that the places really are dangerous and sadly that has occurred.”

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