Author of national anthem Hafeez Jalandhari remembered on his death anniversary

ISLAMABAD: The 33rd death anniversary of the writer of Pakistani National Anthem, Hafeez Jalandhri was observed today across the country.Hafeez Jalandhri was born in Punjab’s Jalandhar on January 14, 1900. Jalandhri migrated to Lahore after the independence of Pakistan in 1947.Hafeez Jalandhri wrote several national songs during Second World War, while he was the editor of a few monthly magazines namely, Naunehal, Hazar Dastaan, Teehzeeb-e-Niswan, and Makhzin.The first compilation of poems Nagma-e-Zar written by Jalandhri was published in 1935. He has also been crowned to be the writer of Pakistan’s national anthem in 1952. He also participated in Pakistan Movement and used his writings to propagate for the betterment of society.National anthem’s writer was unique in Urdu poetry by using perfect mixture of words and rhymes. Jalandhri was awarded the Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Pride of Performance by the government. He passed away on December 21, 1982 at the age of 82 years. He was buried in Model Town, Lahore but later on his body was re-buried in the tomb near Minar-e-Pakistan.


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