Army operation against Chotu gang continues

RAWALPINDI: A day after Pak Army took over charge of operation against Chotu gang in Kacha areas in Rajanpur district, DG ISPR Lt Gen Asim Salim Bajwa on Saturday reported that cordon has been reinforced while police and Rangers will continue to participate in the mission under army‘s supervision.

Asim Bajwa further stated that all resources will be utilized to accomplish the mission. On Friday, a heavy contingent of troops was sent to help rescue 24 police held hostage by a gang of heavily armed criminals after a bungled raid on their island stronghold.

Officials said six policemen have already been killed in the operation launched Thursday against members of the so-called “Chotu gang” on an island in the Indus river in southern Punjab province.

Up to 1,500 officers were involved in the failed raid against some 150 men armed with rocket launchers and machine guns, authorities said.


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