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Army launches full-scale operation against Chotu gang after deadline expires

RAJANPUR: Operation against Chotu Gang in Punjab’s Rajanpur area entered its 22nd day on Tuesday.

The army pounded the gang’s sanctuaries through aerial bombing till late Monday night and the gangsters responded with equal vigour.

Sources said that several members of the Chhotu Gang became unwell after the police threw tear gas shell at them.

Police could not recover any of the 24 policemen held hostage by the gang. However, the Rajanpur DPO said that they are safe and in good health.

Over 10 settlements from the area have been evacuated as security forces launch a full-throttle operation.

At least four bomb-proof tanks have reached the Pakistan Army bunkers.

The operation involving more than 2,000 security forces has been continued for two weeks and the army’s push to deploy troops, artillery and helicopter gunships is an unprecedented use of force by the military in Punjab.

“We (army) had given the Chhotu gang until 2pm today to surrender but they did not abide by the deadline,” said a military official based in the district of Rajanpur in southern Punjab where the battle is taking place.

“Now there is no option left but a full-scale operation, which has started.”

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