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Army conducts operation against Chotu gang, 40 gangsters surrender

RAJANPUR – At least 40 members of the gang have surrendered as Pakistan Army has taken control of the area on Friday.

The gang members said that they never wanted to fight against Pakistan Army. Forces entered the area through helicopters and land penetration. Curfew has also been imposed in four kilometer area. Soldiers have also been assisted with gun-ship helicopters.

Rangers and the army started operation at 1 am in the morning and by the end of Thursday (today) other than 40 gangsters, more gangsters are expected to lay arms before the security agencies.

While on the other hand, police have faced immense loss and failure in the operation as six police personnel have been martyred while 24 have been held hostage by the gangsters. Moreover, 2100 police personnel seemed unable to tackle a group of total 100 gangsters.

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