Arfa Karim

Arfa Karim’s 4th death anniversary being observed today

LAHORE: Fourth death anniversary of Arfa Karim, the youngest Microsoft Certified Information Technology (IT) professional, is being observed today.

Four Years ago on January 2012, she left her family as well as the whole nation grieving to mourn her untimely demise.

She came, prevailed and then left us surprised and heart broken at the same time.

Born in Faisalabad’s Ram Divali, she became the Microsoft certified professional at the age of nine. Microsoft’s founder and CEO Bill Gates conferred the degree upon the then youngest professional in 2005.

She also received the Pride of Performance, Salam Pakistan Youth and Madar-e-Millat awards for her outstanding achievements.

Although, Karim left us at a time when everyone was expecting her to bring more laurels and fame for the country. She, however, even after her demise became a guide and path finder for the Pakistani youth and minors with a crave for IT. For instance, five-year-old Sania and Zaidan Hamid, who in 2015, were declared the youngest Microsoft certified professionals. Both followed the footsteps of Arfa Karim bringing us back the title which once Arfa had earned for us. Sania’s siblings, two brothers and an elder sister have also been awarded in the past.

Other examples are six and half years old Huraiz Awan and Mehroz Yawar, five-year-old Pakistan-born British citizen Ayyan Qureshi and six-year-old Hamza Shahzad.

Arfa Karim was a multi-talented youth. She was not only an IT engineer but also a poetess and had literary inclinations. She also learned how to fly a plane and was skilled in delivering lectures.

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