APC declaration asks for fulfillment of CPEC promises

Islamabad;All Parties Conference regarding China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is underway in Islamabad, Neo News reported. “Representatives of political and religious parties like PPP, PML-N, JI, JUI, BNP and PTI are present in the conference,” media reported. According to media sources Balochistan National Party (BNP) chairman Akhtar Mengal is chairing the conference. “PTI leadership was absent from the occasion but CM KP Pervaiz Khattak has reached the conference. He was late,” media reported.While addressing the conference CM Kp Pervaiz Khattak has stated that there is no share for us in the project. “Does government not want to make any development in KP and Balochistan?,” he asked. “I am the CM of KP but never have been contacted regarding the project,” he added. “We are not traitors so no one should call us this,” he demanded. “We even presented the resolution for construction for Western route of CPEC but never got the response for central government,” he claimed.Furthermore BNP chairman Akhtar Mengal has presented their demands in context of Balochistan. “Balochistan should be given it due share in the project,” he demanded. “The rights of natural resources and sea ports of the province should be handed over to Balochistan government,” he added.  The APC on CPEC has issued the declaration of the conference. “The declaration includes the demand of fulfillment of PM’s promises regarding the CPEC,” media reported. The declaration demands that Baloch should not be considered minorities. “We also demand basic facilities for people of Gwadar. Local people should be given priority in the projects and fishermen should be given alternative jobs,” the declaration stated.

Furthermore it is being demanded to finish the ban of political participation on Gwadar’s locals to end. “We condemn the issuance of new ID cards to local people of Gwadar. The land taken from the people should be paid accordingly and people of Gwadar should not be divided,” the declaration further demanded.The CPEC project holds high significance for the county’s economical and political stability. The political parties from Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP) have expressed their apprehensions on the Western route of the project. They consider it Punjab central and believe their areas have been deprived. The ruling party PML-N has tried to convince the other parties but their concerns remain intact. To show their point of view the All Party Conference has been called by the BNP in Islamabad.


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