Amount seized from LUMS Campus is only 150gms: LUMS spokesperson

Lahore: LUMS spokesperson Yassir Hashmi has now confirmed the reports and pointed out some factual inaccuracies about the seized amount of Heroin from LUMS Campus.According to the LUMS spokesperson, the actual amount of heroin confiscated is roughly 150 grams, which, according to him, can be verified from the ANF report filed at the request of LUMS administration. He also said that the drugs were seized from a vehicle because LUMS security was aware of the presence of an outsider on the premises and had been conducting raids to apprehend the same.“Regarding prevalence of narcotics at LUMS, as with many campuses no doubt there may be a small scale problem. LUMS is aware of this challenge and we monitor the situation constantly. As a result of this vigilance, we identify 1-2 cases of narcotics use by students every year on average, from a campus community of 5000 students,” he said.

“We believe narcotics use problem is present on all campuses nationally and indeed worldwide. The best approach to address this challenge is not to ignore or hide the issue but to have strict procedures to identify and handle all cases. We also involve and cooperate with law enforcement authorities to facilitate a wider solution to this problem, and bring such cases to the notice of our community so that all may learn from the mistakes of a few. In the long term, this transparency is the best guarantee of success in the struggle for a narcotics free future,” he added.


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