Altaf Hussain’s speech is synonumus to waging war against Pakistan: Nisar

SLAMABAD (Neo Web Desk) Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday termed Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain’s statement tantamount to waging war against the country.Addressing a press conference in Islamabad the federal interior minister said, “The hate-inciting speech, made in a foreign country last night, crossed all limits. Heads of key institutions were insulted.”He added that, “Sarcastic poems were read against the armed forces of Pakistan and accusations were levelled against the army.”The interior minister was of the view that “these statements cannot exhibit the sentiments of a patriotic Pakistani”.”MQM leader Farooq Sattar on August 27′ 2013 had demanded that Karachi be handed over to the army. The perception that the operation in Karachi is against the MQM or that the operation only targets one specific party is absolutely wrong, as the action has been taken across the board.”Chaudhry Nisar further said, “Only criminal elements within the MQM have been targeted during the ongoing operation. Activists belonging to the PPP, Jamaat-i-Islami (JI), Sunni Tehreek, Shabab-i-Milli and ANP were also arrested but no party raised any objections apart from the MQM.”No other party took to the streets nor asked for the operation to be ended, he claimed.”The operation will continue with the same pace,” the federal interior minister asserted. “The efforts carried out by government have resulted in a decrease in terrorism cases.”We are examining the speech as a disclosure of attempting to abet waging of war against Pakistan and its institutions, said Nisar.”The speech made by MQM chief is conspiracy against the of sovereignty and integrity of the country by MQM (London office) by inviting foreign forces and India to interfere in Pakistan.The MQM as a party has raised no issues against the operation, he said, adding “I don’t consider the Urdu-speaking community or the MQM to be against Pakistan”.We will approach the British authorities in the next few days and submit a legal document. Work is already under way in this regard.Citing the stats for crime in July, Nisar said that “Target killing has decreased by 50 per cent in Karachi. Kidnapping for ransom cases decreased by 100 per cent and not a single case was filed in July. Only one bank robbery was reported in July. The whole world praised the law and order situation which prevailed in Karachi this Eid.”Chaudhry Nisar further said, “Altaf hasn’t come to the country during the past 25 years and I doubt that he will ever return.””The noose around Altaf is being tightened over two cases filed in London and he is venting his anger on Pakistanis. The Imran Farooq muder case and the money-laundering case against Altaf has not been initiated by the Pakistani armed forces, nor its government,” the federal interior minister said adding that, “The cases are not being heard in Pakistani courts. The cases have been lodged by the country where the MQM chief has chosen to seek asylum in.”Responding to a question the federal interior minister said, “Though the media has ended live broadcast of Altaf Husasin’s speeches, the government is also considering a blanket ban on the speeches of the MQM chief.”

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