Altaf Hussain steps down from MQM leadership

London: In a not-so-unprecedented move MQM Leader Altaf Hussain has once again stepped down from the MQM leadership. But unlike before, this time Farooq Sattar is named as the successor of Altaf Hussain.

While talking to the MQM activists Altaf Hussain had shown his anger on the performance of some of MQM members and out-rightly decided to step down.

Senior MQM members are trying to convince Altaf Hussain to revoke his decision.

MQM workers also shouted anti-Pakistan and anti-Nawaz slogans in their protest.

In latest developments, MQM workers encircled offices of TV channels in Karachi including NEO TV and ARY News and tortured the staff members. They also tortured cameraman of Neo TV, breaking his leg. Rnagers and police officials are disappeared from the scene.


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