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alleged mistreatment of activists, MQM submits letter to UN chief

KARACHI (Neo Web Desk)Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has submitted a letter to United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, claiming excesses committed by the para-military Rangers in their ongoing security operation in Karachi.The letter was submitted yesterday by MQM’s International Secretariat, and was undersigned by the party’s Head of International Relations.The party in its letter sent to the UN, alleges that their workers are being mistreated during the current security operation being conducted in Karachi, and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are unlawfully detaining their activists.The letter specifically mentions the raid conducted on MQM’s headquarters on the night of July 17, and the subsequent arrest of Qamar Mansoor, a member of the party’s Rabita Committee.MQM has further elaborated in their letter that the court had allowed Mansoor to get treatment in a private hospital, after an application was submitted in this regard.Although the court had allowed treatment in the case, Rangers later denied it citing security reasons. The para-military force had earlier claimed during a court hearing that treatment was being provided to Mansoor in his special cell.

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