‘Allan’ Kamal Rizvi

‘Allan’ Kamal Rizvi passes away

Karachi: Syed Kamal Ahmed Rizvi — a well-known writer, director, actor and trendsetter of sitcoms in Pakistani television history — passed away after protracted illness at his residence in Karachi on Thursday evening.

His body was shifted to a cold storage morgue situated adjacent to the FTC Building on Sharea Faisal.

Zia Shahzad, a renowned author and a poet, a brother in law of late Rizvi, revealed that the funeral prayer had been planned for after Friday prayers since a few relatives would be arriving from Lahore. “But the burial might even be delayed if Kamal’s only son who lives in the United States decides to attend the funeral,” he said.

Shahzad disclosed that Kamal had been unwell since he had returned from a conference in Faisalabad about a fortnight ago. “He had been complaining of a chest infection, besides having persistent cardiac issues. Kamal had survived a serious heart attack in 1993,” he said. “He was talking to his wife and all of a sudden he fell down. Kamal’s wife called us but when we reached he was no more.”

Shahzad informed that Kamal Rizvi had been residing in Askari II project with his wife Ishrat Jehan. “I cannot recall name of Kamal’s son at the moment, he has been living in USA for quite a long time. He was born from Kamal’s first wife, Nuzhat.”

Kamal had then married Amna but the marriage was shot lived since she wanted to return to India and the actor wanted to stay here.

Despite being a very popular celebrity, Kamal Rizvi always kept a modest profile and stayed away from pompous publicity.

Shahzad said Kamal had been one of the pioneers of Pakistan Television and he groomed a whole generation of actors, directors and writers during his decades-long career.


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