Aitzaz Ahsan, MushahidUllah row mars proceeding of the Joint Session

Islamabad: Speech by Aitzaz Ahsan questioning that why PM Nawaz Sharif issued any statement regarding the arrested Indian agent Kalboshan Yadev. He urged media and parliamentarian to stop this war mongering and try to soothe the matters rather igniting them.

PMLN Leader Senator MishahidUllah considering it as a personal attack on PM Nawaz Sharif maintained that we ought not to forget history. He said that who forwarded list of Sikh leaders of Khalsa uprising to the Indian Government.

Following these words there was a large hue and cry from Opposition benches. As a result Opposition leader of National Assembly Khursheed Shah threatened to boycott the joint session and the speaker has to personally request the opposition bunches to stay on their seats.

With Raja ZafarulHaq taking over the roaster matters seemed to settled down a little.

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